miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017


Sudenly a lot of people is being interested in this quilt and asking me for the patterns.
I´m a patchwork teacher and I do not devote my time to sell my pattern designs but if you 
give mea lillle bit of time, I wil answer all your e-mails and I will try to provide all the patterns.
I´m felling a little overhelmed with so many e-mails to answer.
Anyway I´ll answer all of them.
By the way, the patterns are in spanish, so need time to translate them.

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Maravilloso trabajo!!!

Nancy dijo...

I love this pattern you designed and would love to purchase a copy if possible. I saw it many years ago already and have remembered it ever since. Now it is again on Pinterest. Thank you very much! Nancy in USA.

Denise dijo...

I would also love a copy - dmisherwood@snet.net

Spanish version is good for me.

Lorette dijo...

Beautiful quilt... I too am interested in your pattern. Congratulations!

chris dijo...

Love this house pattern and would love to do it. I would be happy to pay for it and the shipping. My address is 1826ne 153rd st Vancouver Wa 98686. Thank you.

Unknown dijo...

Me gustaría tener el patrón. En español es mejor para mi. Cómo podría obtenerlo?

Unknown dijo...

Interesada en el patron Invierno en Los Alpes. Mi correo es nydia200@yahoo.com. Much
as gracias.

Shirley dijo...

Email when English version is available Shirleypettaway@gmail.com

Lopsided dijo...

email in english when this is available. Thank you! learywilliam@sbcglobal.net Paypal ok for what you are asking for the pattern?

Unknown dijo...

Your work is absolutely lovely! I especially like the mistletoe and the log with the trees sitting on it ... they were so simply elegant!

As with others, when you have the time, I'd truly appreciate a copy of the village quilt. It reminds me so much of a family trip skiing in France... a long time ago.

Thank you so much.

Mary Ellen Orchard
583 Sand Hill Road
Wantagh, New York 11793

P.S. I will pay all expenses necessary.

Karen dijo...

Please let me know when you have the pattern available, and the cost.
email is karejohnston@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

Unknown dijo...

Me gustaria el patron Invierno en los Alpes en Español . Me podria dar mas informaciones sobre el precio.
Mi coreo akraeuchi@videotron.ca
Muchissimas gracias

Unknown dijo...

I love this pattern and have been trying to find the pattern for a long time. I would love to get the pattern and will translate it from Spanish to English. Beautif work. My email is mrsrdunne@gmail.com.

Gita dijo...

I would like to purchase the "INVIERNO EN LOS ALPES" pattern in english - if possible.
my email is


Thank you.

Joy Conroy dijo...


I would love to purchase your pattern Invierno En Los Alpes in English when you have it available, It is truly heartwarming.

My main contact is bell1953@hotmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you when you are able to reply.
Kind Regards


Christy dijo...

A mi madre le encanta este trajabo. Le gustaria el patron Invierno en los Alpes en inglés si sea posible. Le podria enviar más información sobre el precio por e-mail a debsquilting@comcast.net. Muchas gracias.

Unknown dijo...

Hello! This is very beautiful quilt! I am looking for the pattern during some time because my husband want me to do them. Please sent me the pattern if it is possible . Spanish version is Ok.
Thank you for doing such lovely things!

My email nvrazevig@mail.ru

Unknown dijo...

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sanpiseth40 dijo...

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I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for,
I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!

Unknown dijo...

I spent two days searching for a pattern for this quilt, so happy to have found you. I would love to have a pattern for this quilt, I realize it may not be available right away, but if you would keep my email address and let me know when you have it ready in English. In the meantime could you please tell me the dementions of the quilt, center panel, and the outer edge. thank you so much.

Virginia Cole

Unknown dijo...

I woul love a copy of your pattern for the Winter in the Alps quilt. Please let me know if it is available, the price, and how to make payment. Thank you. mjwilkes0318@gmail.com

Unknown dijo...

I would love the pattern also. suelag@optonline.net

It's beautiful!

Misa dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

March 24, 2019
I'd love an English copy of "Invierno en los Alpes" quilt pattern.


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Francypatch, dijo...

buongiorno, è possibile acquistare il cartamodello?Grazie mille, Francesca Miglierina

FranceB dijo...

Serait-il possible d'avoir le patron en anglais s'il vous plaît ?
Sur l'adresse france.bouille@gmail.com
Un grand merci par avance.

Unknown dijo...

Bonjour Madame.
Votre patch me plaît beaucoup. Seait-il possible d'avoir les patrons? Merci d'avance. Danielle Urbain

Unknown dijo...

Je n'ai pas noté mon adresse mail: Michel.urbain@skynet.be ou urbaindanielle21@gmail.com

Unknown dijo...

Buenas tardes! Estoy interesada en los patrones en español. De Invierno en los Alpes. Me podrías dar información sobre precio y envío? Mi mail es marrol8@hotmail.com. gracias

Unknown dijo...

Bonjour Madame, j'adore votre patch. Puis je avoir le patron en anglais merci d'avance. Cath.cornier@orange.fr.

Patch d'Ours dijo...

Hello, I would like to buy yourpatch invierno . If possible. Fproust@hotmail.fr thank you very much

Wandji Emmelyne dijo...

Bonsoir ,j,aimerai beaucoup faire votre patchwork
Serait il possible d'obtenir le patron ?
Mon adresse mail emmelyne.wandji@gmail.com
Je serai vraiment ravie
Avec mes Remerciements
Bien Cordialement

Rocio dijo...

Hola! Me gustaría información sobre el quilt invierno en los Alpes, en español. Mi correo es rociomarfil@hotmail.com

Rocio dijo...

Buenas tardes, me interesaría información sobre el patrón en español. Mi correo es rociomarfil@hotmail.com.

JoselynJ dijo...

I too would love to receive your pattern when it is available for the market. Email joselynwoodworth0@gmail.com

Sonsoles dijo...

Buenos días, mi correo es sonsimar@hotmail.com, me interesaría conocer la información sobre el patrón en español. Muchisimas gracias y un saludo

Sharon Sheppard dijo...

I would love a copy of this pattern also please. You may send me pricing information at : gord_sharon@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Sharon Sheppard dijo...

I would love a copy of this pattern also please. You may send me pricing information at : gord_sharon@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Natalya dijo...

Hi! I would like to gept a pattern too! Send me the information gulaya.n@gmail.com please

Judy M dijo...

I am also interested in purchasing this pattern. Please send me the information when you have it available. Thank you. Judy Magneson judymagneson@gmail.com

QwltrActnt dijo...

Your quilt is so beautiful! It attracted my attention immediately, and I had to hunt down your page to ask permission to purchase the pattern. If you could please let me know how to buy it, I'd appreciate it. My email address is MCHNPCR@aol.com. Thank you!

ohIcu2hmm dijo...

I would like this pattern in English please.

ohIcu2hmm dijo...


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